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I never knew thoughts had looks.

Turns out they do.

As one who researches the brain, Dr. Caroline Leaf had been invited by Joyce Meyer to do an interview regarding her findings on the appearance of thoughts in the brain. She told Joyce that the nerve cells in our brain resemble trees with many branches, and then continued:

“I teach people to understand that a thought is a real thing. I think many people think that a thought is merely something out there that they can’t feel or touch. But, it’s actually a real thing. As you are thinking, you are actually building memories in your brain and the thoughts in your brain look like trees. The interesting thing is that if your thought is a good one, based on something positive, that it actually looks different in the brain than a negative thought does. The toxic thought…will affect your entire body. They form a different type of chemical than the positive thought does. The toxic thought causes little thorns to grow on the branches in the nerve cells. These thorns are actually a little pocket of chemicals, and those chemicals are toxic. They squirt out their poison that can make you sick. The poison goes first to the heart and begins to choke it, then it goes to your immune system and breaks down your defenses…it takes four days to start taking the thorns off the trees. It takes twenty-one days to actually establish a memory without the thorns, and then you grow a new memory over the old one.”*

I found this fascinating, because I had prayed some time ago and asked the Lord what comparison He would want to give me for how to think about my heart. The heart and the mind are so tightly intertwined, that I needed a picture in my head for this entity that God talks about constantly.

The picture He gave me was the Panama Canal. In order for ships to go through the Canal, they must stop, get permission from the guards at the Canal, be measured, be weighed, and then enter a series of locks. What is so curious about this process is that when the ship enters the locks, that is literally what happens. Walls lock around them, sealing the ship in tightly, and securing the environment. Within the seal, water raises and lowers as necessary in order to smoothly transition the ship through the passage and on to its destination. It is so very much like the heart. The heart gives itself permission to let thoughts enter and be weighed and measured, and kept, sealed even, until they finally either make it through the channel, or get stuck and do damage.

And if that weren’t enough, you may be interested to remember that the way blood passes through the four chambers of your heart is by way of a system of valves. Just before every one of your heartbeats, your heart fills with blood, then contracts to shoot the blood through the body. The critical life of the blood is managed by four valves in your heart that basically direct traffic and perfectly shuttle the blood through its own miniature lock system. Every time your heart beats, it keeps, it thinks, it directs, it channels, it locks, it seals, it lets go, it empties, and it knows…

…what must go and what must stay.

Every time.

Because it’s how you stay alive.

Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.”
Prov. 4:23

*quotation taken from Living Beyond Your Feelings by Joyce Meyer, p.97-99