It’s always a bit unnerving to blog or write or speak honestly. But because I have been immeasurably blessed by others’ transparency, I swallowed hard and said yes when God encouraged me to do the same. And because saying yes is a continual thing, I needed to share a postscript to my notes about oil and salt.

I wrote about oil and salt because I had a habit for too many years of pouring too much salt in all the wrong places. It saddens me to think of the relationships that I damaged and time that I wasted in efforts that were far from loving. God’s kindness always wins, though, and I was blessed beyond measure to experience some people in my life that walked out grace and love in a way that got my attention. They poured oil all over everything, and the level of love portrayed in their lives was stunning. And later on, when they dashed bits of appropriate salt my way, I was ready, eager, and hungry for it. I wanted every bit. And I wanted most of all to learn how to love well for the rest of my life.

The things I write about are areas in my own life that I know God is speaking to. There is no hinting going on here. None at all. Posts grow out of the things that I experience and learn from and stumble through and hurt through and love through and make mistakes through and move on through. Others have been kind enough to share their journeys with me, and I know how it blesses me. The thought of hinting at something or someone has not been entertained at any point on this blog, and the following are reasons why:

1. Hinting makes people wonder exactly who you are talking about. It might be them, but it might be someone else…?

2. Hinting builds walls of distrust-what else are you thinking that you are not saying?

3. Hinting makes transparent, two-way conversations difficult because you think they are trying to speak to you, but they haven’t come out and said so

4. Hinting seems arrogant and aloof because opinions are being shared from a distance and not heart-to-heart

5. Hinting is a habit that is dishonoring to the Holy Spirit’s perfect capability to speak what He knows is best to the person in question

Certainly there is a place for humorous hinting…perhaps to a good friend or as an innocent, barb-less joke. But for the most part, I don’t believe hinting is something that is loving.

Even though the journey to loving well is winding, twisting, and possibly confusing at times, I believe it is worth it. Let’s love each other well, let’s have abundant grace with ourselves and others (I know I need it!!) and let God do the rest.