So my kitchen faucet is broken. 

It’s not broken as in non-functional;  it’s just broken as in The-Little-Piece-That-Keeps-Flying-Off-The-Handle broken. It actually works quite well as I wash down the day’s mess after the kids are asleep. It’s just a little piece on the top, the branding actually, that has come undone. With the slightest accidental bump on the right angle, it will careen into a spin across the counter.

At first it annoyed me. Then I decided (although it would only take a whopping 10 seconds to permanently reattach it) I would use it as a reminder to continue to seek His path for some specific questions and challenges I was facing. Lots of us are functional enough, just like my faucet. But we can feel knocked off kilter in areas we haven’t quite settled with Him yet. We can go into a tailspin easier than we wish we would, and then have to pick ourselves up and start again. I like reminders to pray, and this has served my purpose perfectly.

I remember getting upset at God. I had some pretty amazing (I thought) solutions for some of the hurdles in my path, and He wasn’t getting on board. My creativity was certainly plentiful but the most basic action that defines my relationship to this Jesus I love is to follow. Following is the action grounded in trust and love. So I took a deep breath, scrapped my plans, and asked Him the simplest of questions: “What do You want me to do?”

He answered me.

A few thoughts raced into my head but the most dominant was this conclusion:

“That is not a good idea. That is not even close to a good idea. There is almost nothing in me that has any desire whatsoever to execute that idea.”

I know. I’m brilliant like that. 

And my faucet top kept flying across the counter. I would sigh, and put it back, and remember why I hadn’t glued it. I would remember that His view of things encompasses so much more than mine ever could. It’s worth leaning in when Someone Who breathes stars starts talking. I remembered other times in my life when His word to me was so powerful, so incredible, so miraculous. And I followed through on what He said.

There is a compelling common thread that runs through the Biblical stories of an unappealing river (Naaman), an empty pantry (the widow who was about to eat her last meal), a stone being rolled away from a best friend’s grave (Lazarus) and a guy’s 38 year long stint at the local pool. The solutions God gave them were not what they were expecting or asking for. They were so much better. And the end of every single one of those stories was lives transformed. 

Perhaps it is our information mentality that short-changes us. We can just grab a book, attend a seminar, hire an expert, (things I have done, and things that can be good and helpful), and boom. We’ll find plenty. Certainly He uses all kinds of methods, and I’m immensely grateful for them all. But we inform ourselves most wisely when we run the information through the grid of being willing to change. God is much more into things transforming and becoming a new thing altogether. We can get informed by ourselves. But we get transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us. 

Praying and hoping for some answers? Just be ready in case He brings something you aren’t expecting…since He has a track record of doing that.

Eventually, I’ll replace the faucet. At the moment though, I’m rather fond of it.

It’s getting way more done than just dishes.